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Sailing the Arabian Sea

20.32647 N / 68.344758333333 E en route to Abu Dhabi, UAE


Our ship is presently navigating the waters of the Arabian Sea, a body of water surrounded by several nations, including India, Pakistan, Iran, Oman, Yemen, and Somalia. This region is renowned for its abundant offshore oil and natural gas reserves, with many of the bordering countries actively engaged in drilling operations. The Arabian Sea holds significant economic value as it serves as a crucial shipping route, linking the Indian Ocean to the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. However, due to the current political instability and unrest in the Red Sea area, our itinerary for the forthcoming Part Three of the Ultimate World Cruise has been modified. Rather than traversing the Suez Canal to reach the Mediterranean Sea as originally planned, our vessel will now circumnavigate the African continent.

As we approach the conclusion of Part Two - The Asia Pacific, we reflect on the incredible journey we've undertaken. This phase of the trip will have spanned 87 nights, during which we've explored 40 captivating destinations and had the privilege of witnessing three world wonders. It began on February 11th, as we set sail from Los Angeles, traversing the sparkling waters of the North Pacific before reaching our current location in the Arabian Sea.


With only two ports remaining on this leg of the journey - Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates - we can't help but reminisce about the unforgettable experiences we've had along the way. From immersing ourselves near the marine waters of Australia's Great Barrier Reef to marveling at the man-made splendor of the Great Wall of China, every moment has been truly awe-inspiring. We've also had the opportunity to uncover some hidden gems of the South Pacific, such as the vibrant city-state of Singapore, the lush landscapes of Bali, Indonesia, and the captivating culture of Vietnam. As we prepare for Part three of the Ultimate World Cruise, we carry with us a wealth of memories and a deepened appreciation for the diverse beauty of the world around us.

During the next two days at sea, we will prepare for the thrilling adventures that await us on the African continent. The shore excursions team is providing us with additional information to help us make the most of our upcoming experiences, particularly the African Safari that will commence once we arrive in Dubai. We'll be gaining valuable insights into the planned itinerary, the unique landscapes we'll traverse, and the rich cultural heritage of the regions we'll be visiting. In addition to travel preparation, we're also taking care of important practical matters. We've already had our Yellow Fever vaccinations but we'll also be visiting the onboard clinic to secure the recommended malaria medications and mosquito repellent, ensuring we're well-protected during excursions.

With the next leg of our journey taking us to cooler climates, we're carefully considering what to pack. It's a pleasant surprise to learn that May, being the last month of fall in South Africa, brings with it an average temperature of around 68 degrees. This news comes as a delightful relief, especially after the intense heat we encountered during our time in India. We're focusing on packing lightweight layers and comfortable hiking shoes to ensure we're well-prepared for the African experience while still not over-packing. [This is more of a challenge for me than it is for Jeff.]

As the ship gently navigates the Arabian Sea, we are continuing to bond with our fellow passengers that have been onboard with us for the previous 5 months. In fact, tonight we're attending a private birthday party arranged for one of our friends. Its nice to have these two days to regroup, refresh, and plan ahead, as we sail towards the Middle East and the African continent.

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