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The Circle of Life

Kapama Karula, Krueger National Park Area

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As I stepped into the safari vehicle for our evening game drive, I had no idea that we were about to witness something truly extraordinary. Little did I know that by the end of this adventure, I would have a story that would leave me in awe of the raw power and primal instincts that govern life in the African wilderness. At the beginning of our journey, our expert trackers, with their keen eyes and deep understanding of the bush, spotted a peculiar marking on the sandy side of the road. The telltale signs were unmistakable: something had been dragged off the path and into the dense brush.


Without the expertise of our skilled trackers, we might have missed out on the incredible diversity of wildlife thriving alongside the larger animals we had already encountered. The bushveld is home to a fascinating array of smaller creatures, such as the speckled guinea fowl, well-camouflaged lizards perched on branches, the lethal puff adder, timid scrub hares, and the African wild cat, a close relative of the domestic tabby.



Our previous excursions into the wilderness had already blessed us with sightings of four out of the Big Five, leaving only the elusive leopard to complete our "bucket" list. Despite their abundance in the park, leopards are notorious for their secretive nature and nocturnal habits, making them a rare sight. However, this evening proved to be exceptional as we came face to face with a magnificent leopard, its powerful and stealthy form moving directly toward us. Having encountered so many vicious predators prior to this, I now feel slightly more at ease when we are approaching the wild's top killers.


The leopard is actually the most widespread of all predators since it has the broadest habitat tolerance of all. It's method of hunting is stalking and then pouncing on to the prey, taking it by surprise. The large head and neck are essential for holding and subduing the kill, which is often hoisted up a tree to get it out of the reach of other predators.

During our drives through the breathtaking African savannah, we would take a moment to pause and enjoy a short break. Our guides swiftly arranged a beverage table, allowing us to break the essential silence of the game drive and savor each other's company over a delightful glass of Shiraz wine.


In the heart of the African wilderness, the Circle of Life is a profound and awe-inspiring phenomenon that highlights the intricate balance and interconnectedness of all living beings. From the majestic elephants to the tiny termites, every creature plays a vital role in maintaining the delicate equilibrium of the ecosystem. As we have seen, the African jungle teems with life, and the Circle of Life is a testament to the continuous cycle of birth, growth, death, and renewal. The lush vegetation provides sustenance for the herbivores, such as the graceful giraffes, while the carnivores, like the elusive leopards and the powerful lions, keep the populations in check.

After witnessng the lion deep in slumber on our first game drive, I thought we'd seen it all! But this evening,our guides led us to a ravine where an extraordinary scene unfolded before our eyes. At least ten lions surrounded the carcass of a recently hunted giraffe, some deep in a food coma while others tore at the flesh, grunting and growling as they consumed their meal. The pungent odor of the decaying carcass filled the air, and I was grateful for my Buff to shield my nose. Although the dim light and the ravine's depth made capturing high-quality photos challenging, the sight of the lions feasting and sleeping, undisturbed by our close proximity, was an unforgettable experience. On this occasion,the giant killers were so busy eating or sleeping that there was no need to fear our close proximity.


It's been said that the African jungle is a place where life and death dance in a mesmerizing rhythm, each dependent on the other. I've found It's a humbling reminder that every being, no matter how small or significant, is an essential thread in the grand scheme of existence. Witnessing the Circle of Life in this raw and untamed wilderness was truly an unforgettable experience that leaves an indelible mark on the soul, reminding us of our own place within the grand picture of life.

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Amazing amazing amazing!!!! What an exciting and unforgettable trip! I think this would be my favorite experience so far!

by Marilyn

You are absolutely right Marilyn. The African Safari was unparalleled in anything I have ever witnessed and will be, I'm sure, the highlight of this entire adventure. Even where we live in Wyoming and experience the wonders of nature all the time, this was by far something beyond incredible to witness first-hand.
Thanks for following my blog. I'm glad you're seeing the world with us!
Jeff is really missing WY at this point so he'll be looking forward to a ride with Van when we return. Thanks so much for taking good care of our horses while we're gone ... it means a lot to us.

by Where2FromHere


by Jill

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