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11.10955 N / -17.16097 W en route to Dakar, Senegal

On June 6th, our nation commemorated the courageous soldiers who fought in one of history's most significant battles - D-Day. Their bravery and sacrifice will forever be remembered.
During our world cruise, we have the privilege of visiting the beaches in France this July, where we will have the opportunity to explore this crucial chapter in world history in greater depth. It will undoubtedly be a moving and enlightening experience.


Today, our journey takes us along the western coast of Africa. While we regret that the Ivory Coast had to be removed from our itinerary, we look forward to our upcoming visit to the captivating country of Senegal. This change in plans opens the door to new discoveries and cultural encounters that will undoubtedly enrich our travel experience.

During dinner tonight, a crew member shared a heartwarming reflection that I'd like to take a moment to appreciate. As we've been on this ship for nearly six months now, many of the crew who started the cruise with us in Miami back in December 2023 are still onboard. However, some crew members had contracts that began before our arrival, and they may have briefly left the ship, only to return recently. Even the captain acknowledged in his announcements today how close the bond between the crew and passengers has grown over time. He said in his 50 years of sailing this is a first! But, then again he hasn't had the same passengers onboard a ship for over 180 days. We've truly become one big happy family.

Our head waiter brought up an interesting point that I hadn't considered before. This cruise is unique in that the passengers are now the ones welcoming the crew back onboard, rather than the traditional reverse scenario. It's a testament to the strong connections we've formed and the sense of community we've built together on this incredible journey.

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Your above entry made me so happy! Gives me hope for the world!

by Nancy Bain

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