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Finding the Dragon in the Cave ...

in Palma de Mallorca

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So today we went to the largest European underground lake in the Island of Mallorca. We got there early in the day and not only was there a beautiful coastline but also an impressive sun rise.


The cave was named as a result of folks long ago who thought a dragon lived in the cave - until one brave explorer found it was a huge underground lake with many species taking shelter there.


After our walk through the cave viewing stalactites and stalagmites and crystal clear water, we were seated to listen to a brief concert of classical music and then boarded boats to leave the cave.


It was really nice to be in the crisp, cool cave and escape the beastly, hot humid weather in Spain.

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Been there done that ...

But it's never enough!

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One thing is for sure you can return to Barcelona many times but you can't afford to miss the Sagrada Familia. Even Beka said, "Mims, why do you go there so many times?" I respond, it's been under construction for over 100 years and every time I see a little more progress, plus in all my travels there will never be anything that comes close to this incredible structure! Gaudi was a truly remarkable architect. Unfortunately, his life was cut short due to a traffic accident but his legacy lives on in many places in Barcelona.


Still simply amazing. Maybe by the next time we return it will finally be completed.

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You go to Pompei?

Or Not ...

sunny 95 °F

Once we left the ship in Naples, we were bombarded with taxi drivers who ALL wanted to take us to Pompei. We spoke with one driver who said "I have a very nice van, air conditioned, I speak English and I TAKE YOU TO POMPEI. No matter how many times we said ... we don't want to go to Pompei ...he repeated this many times - I take you around Naples and then we go to Pompei. Not. We walked another few steps and another approached us .... Same story only he was going to Sorrento and Pompei (way too long of a drive for 4 of us in a car for hours in the hot weather.
We escaped the persistent drivers and took the Hop on Hop off bus (which Jeff called Hot on Hot off bus).

Nothing in this city was that impressive other than the fact that the kids saw a castle - now that you don't see every day, some interesting lampposts, balconies with wrought iron railings and sketchy electrical connection and some typical European statues - not often found in the USA. Maybe we would have been better off going to Pompei ...



Probably one of the most welcome sites was that of the Wonder of the Seas as we returned to the ship in this oppressive heat. Off to the pools! (of which there are many :)


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When in Rome ...

Marvel at architecture from over 2000 years ago ...

105 °F

Even though our trip to Italy is geared around a great time on the newest Royal Caribbean ship "Wonder of the Seas" - we had to see a few other Wonders of the World. Today we visited one of the seven wonders of the world with the help of our guide Marco - who was fabulous. Not only did we learn a lot (like the fact that the Pope stole part of the Coliseum - it actually didn't fall apart as we previously thought) but also that it only took 8 years for this incredible structure to be erected. See for yourself how massive and how impossible it seems, knowing the tools available at the time.



We also visited the Roman Forum as well. In spite of the fact that it was 105 degrees out, we were able to spend a lot of time in the shade and we thoroughly enjoyed our excursion with Marco. Afterwards we hustled back to the hotel to catch our ride to the ship in Civitavecchia, Italy.



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A great Place on the Great Lakes

Hitting the Sand Dunes and other crazy adventures!

For Jason's 11th birthday we offered to get him a class with one of the big name experts from "Forged in FIre". He was to make a knife from a railroad spike and was pretty excited about it. But shortly before we were to leave on this next adventure to the state of Michigan we were alerted to the fact that his instructor was injured and had to cancel the class. So we scrambled and decided we'd make a day of it on the Western side of Michigan.

1 We took the Lake Express Ferry from Milwaukee to Muskegon, Michigan. Wouldn't you know it - high wave warnings the day we left and they were offering "Dramamine" to all passengers. Reluctant to give any to an 11 year old we opted to try wrist bands. No such luck. So midway into the trip we gave Jason a half dose and that helped a lot. Still not a pleasant trip for the poor guy


2 W stayed at a great hotel in Muskegon where we were upgraded to a suite so that was cool. We watched the movie about the Gladiators of Rome in preparation for our upcoming trip to Rome in August.


3 We left after breakfast the next day to drive to Meers Michigan and had a great time with our Trex crossing the expansive sand dunes that - I must say - were pretty intimidating. Good thing we had an Excellent driver!


4 We had a quick lunch at Arby's and headed south to Michigan Adventure Water park where we had a cabana reserved and spent a few hours enjoying the wave pool and the reprieve from the hot summer sun, before we had to head back to the ferry to take us back to Milwaukee.


5 The ride back was much calmer, we had some pizza and beverages as we made our way back to Milwaukee. Then we took Jason to his football practice and headed off to find a bite to eat before calling it a day. All in all, even though it wasn't what we had planned, it was still a great time together and we promised to try to do the forging class next year when we return to Wisconsin in June 2023.

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